OTC Power is established in 2006 &  well known company in selling  and distributing generators from many years.     We are committed in providing  highest quality products , related services  and  anticipate that its products  would certainly become world-class. These diesel generator are powered by world-class engines like Perkins, & Cummins  to provide optimum power solutions.These reliable diesel generators are installed and running in different parts of the world .

OTC Power offering Diesel Generator Sets in UAE, GCC and Africa.

Since that day, we worked hard to win our customers satisfaction!
OTC Power has grown and became a well known brand name in UAE & some African Country.
This achievement put more responsibility on us to continue in providing the best Quality of Generators and expansion of our business and services!




The market is big and fully open for Generator’s Suppliers.
From this condition, we put our strategy and target, NOT for Quantity but First for QUALITY!
For that, we fix all Original &Branded Parts in our Generators and we put it under heavy test before delivering to customers!


- Make OTC Power as one of the well known brand in the field of Generators

- Follow up with the latest Technology in the Power field

- Build the Trust and Reputation with our customers

- Quality, Service & Value

Our Products 

-Diesel Generator
​-Perkins Generator
-Cummins Generator
-Portable Generators
-Silent Generator
-Solar Pumps
-Solar Power
-Solar Street Lights
-Solar System



We Provide You Best Solution

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