• Diesel Generator
  • Tower Light
  • Solar Power
Diesel Generator

We used in our OTC Generators Original and Well-known brand engine to power our Generators like Perkins, Cummins, Doosan and Lister Petter. We designed the Generators to be Safer, Stronger, Quieter and more durable.
All major components are tested individually and once assembled we tested at 110% of rated load for safety.
This care Testing comes with comprehensive service and support of Perkins dealers.

Tower Light

Lighting towers are designed for various applications such as :
Construction and road works,
Open cast mines and quarries,
Airoports and shipyards,
Industrial warehousings,
Emergency situations and remote areas,
Sporting and musical events, and many others situations.
We offer 2 size of tower light:
1)- big size and we use water cooled engine Perkins OR Lister petter to run it
2)- small size we use air cooled engine ( OTC Power )

Solar Power

The development of science and energy sources are changing, plus theongoing climatic shifts, therefore from this point came in OTC powerTo contribute to the Global Campaign for of environmental climate change environmental degradation and exploitation of alternative energy” solar energy” in the areas and places that can be omitted dispensing diesel generatorsproviding this amount of energy to the solar energy.
The first of these uses that we want is :
The use of water pumps that work on solar energy where a percentage of our customers are using diesel generators in.
We also are working to bring solar energy system in the residential smallunits those distal places where electricity is not available and general uses that request a small amount of power.

Solar Kit
Solar Energy helps to stop greenhouse gas emissions.it also reducess collective dependence on fossil fuel in which traditional electricity is sourced such as coal and natural gas.


Using Genuine Parts reduces the risk of generating set damage that can result from the use of non-genuine parts that’s why OTC Power supplies a complete range of high quality of spare parts for generators engines, alternators at competitive prices.


OTC power provide most of accessories which related to generator and power supply such as:-
• ATS panel
• Distribution panel
• Synchronizing system
• Electrical cable
• Electrical component
• Batteries
• Diesel oil
• External diesel tanks
• Trolley for Generator ( Mobil generator )